Football in Argentina

This is the country with most registered players in the world, more than 300 000 and that’s why football is national sport with most fans. The history of Argentinian football began in end of 19th century and now is governed by Argentine Football Association which also lead the national football team of Argentina. National football team of Argentina played it`s first match in 1902 year, and since then have many achievements in international football tournaments. The National football team of Argentina won 2 times FIFA World Cup during 1978 and 1986, and 3 times finished in 2nd place. In South American Football Championship they won 12 titles and two more in Copa America which is successor of South American Football Championship. Argentina takes 4th place in FIFA all-time table.

Football league system in Argentina is suffering some changes in last years and for the season 2018/2019 will be built by 5 divisions named, Primera Division – highest football league in Argentina with 26 clubs in it. Primera B Nacional – second highest football league – 25 clubs, the other three divisions are regional groups.

Each year Argentine Football Association launch two national football tournaments named:

  • Copa Argentina
  • Supercopa Argentina

Copa Argentina is national football tournament where participate 186 clubs from each division. The winner is qualified for Copa Libertadores. Supercopa Argentina is a single match event between champion of Argentina and winner of Copa Argentina.

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