Football in Austria

Since 1904 Austria and it`s Austrian Football Association are members of FIFA. In distant past, during 1894 year were created first Austrian football clubs, namely First Vienna Football Club and the other one, named Cricketer. In the country, football is one of the most popular sports. National team of Austria participated seven times in FIFA World Cup and one time in European Championship. Best performance of National team was in 1954 year, with wining the third place in World Cup – Switzerland. Austria is ranked 20th by FIFA in all time table of the FIFA World Cup.

Football League in Austria is formed by Bundesliga, First League also known as Erste Liga and the third-highest division which is formed by 3 parallel divisions named Regional League East (Regionalliga Ost), Regional League Central (Regionalliga Mitte) and Regional League West (Regionalliga West). Top two divisions, Bundesliga and Erste Liga are built by 10 teams, while the third-highest division, with 3 regional leagues are formed by 16 teams in each regional league.

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