Football in Brazil

Football in Brazil is the sport which is national treasure. Can be seen everywhere all kind of people from young to old to play football. Governing organ of Brazilian football and national football team of Brazil is Brazilian Football Confederation. National football team of Brazil is created in 1914 year. This is the most successful national football team in the world and by right it takes 1st place in FIFA all-time table. They won 5 times FIFA World Cup and this is the team which have most titles all over the world, also finished two times 2nd and two times 3rd and two times in 4th place. 8 times national team of Brazil won South American Championship and it`s successor tournament Copa America.

Football league system in Brazil is built by National Championship and State Championship. National Championship contains 4 divisions named:

  • Serie A – highest football division in Brazil built by 20 clubs
  • Serie B, second-highest football division which also contains 20 clubs
  • Serie C third football division, also with 20 clubs but split in 2 groups by 10
  • Serie D formed by 4 groups each with 17 clubs in it

Each year starts national football competition named Copa do Brazil which is knockout football tournament with 91 clubs from all Brazilians states participating in it. The tournament have very strange rule which says that, if the guest wins by 2 or more goals in first two rounds of the tournament this team progresses in next round without playing second match with same opponent.

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