Football in Bulgaria

Football in Bulgaria is the most popular sport in the country. First football club in Bulgaria was formed in 1907 year which means that football in Bulgaria is playing for more than 100 years. National team of Bulgaria play his first match in 1924 year. The country is ranked in 35th place FIFA all time table, and the best place of the national team is 4th place in FIFA World Cup – 1994 year.

Football in Bulgaria is organized in 5 stages. The top three divisions are First Professional Football League – 14 clubs, Second Professional Football League – 16 clubs and the third one is separated in 4 leagues according to geographical position – NorthWest Amateur League – 16 clubs, SouthWest Amateur League – 18 clubs, NorthEast Amateur League – 11 clubs and SouthEast Amateur League – 18 clubs.

During the season there are two events:

  • National Cup of Bulgaria
  • Bulgarian Super Cup

In National Cup of Bulgaria participate all teams officialy registered in the country in elimination matches. The Bulgarian Super Cup is one match event between the champion of the country and the winner of National Cup of Bulgaria. In case when the champion and the winner of Cup of Bulgaria are the same the match for the Super Cup is played between the champion and the team who play final in National Cup of Bulgaria.

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