Football in China

Chinese football association is founded in 1924 year, and since then is the organization which determine Chinese football league system and leads national football team of China. Also is part of Asia Football Confederation.

National football team of China participate only once in FIFA World Cup in 2002 year, reaching group stage. In AFC Asian Cup they reached two times 2nd place and two times 3rd place. China is placed in 76th place in FIFA all-time table.

Chinese football league system is built by 3 professional football leagues and a lot of regional amateur leagues. Professional football leagues are:

  • Chinese Super League – highest football league in China – 16 clubs
  • China League One – second-highest football league – 16 clubs
  • Third level of Chinese football league system is split in two leagues, each with 16 clubs in it, named – China League Two – North and China League Two – South

Every year Chinese football association organize two big national football events named: Chinese FA Cup and Chinese FA Super Cup.

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