Football in Croatia

First football clubs in Croatia are registered in 1903 year. With a more than a hundred years history the football became most popular sport in the country. Until 1990 year, Croatia was part of Yugoslavia and the football teams were part of Yugoslavian football. In 1990 Croatia became independent and they found Croatian Football Federation. The country is placed on 22nd place in FIFA all-time table. National team is formed right after Croatia gained independence from Yugoslavia and have two big achievements in FIFA World Cup. The one is 3rd place in FIFA World Cup -1998 and the 2nd place in 2018 when they lose final against France.

Football league system in Croatia is formed by 3 divisions named:

  • Prva NHL with 10 clubs – highest football division
  • Druga NHL – 14 clubs
  • third division which is divided in three groups by geographical position. The three groups are Treca NHL West, Treca NHL East and Treca NHL South.

Most popular teams in Croatian football are Hajduk Split and Dinamo Zagreb. These both clubs usually plays in UEFA Champion League and UEFA Europa League.

Each season Croatian Football Federation held a tournament named Croatian Football Cup where 48 teams compete for the reward.

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