UEFA Nations League

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This is the European national teams football competition launched in 2018 year for the first time. In this tournament takes participation each national team registered in UEFA, which means 55 national teams for 2018 year. The national teams in tournament are divided in 4 leagues named League A – contains 12 teams, League B contains 12 teams, 15 teams in League C and League D built by 16 teams. Every league is divided in groups with 3 or 4 teams playing 2 matches, 1 “home” and 1 “away” against each other team in group. The four teams, won his group in League A, are playing semifinals and the winners of the semifinal are facing against each other to determine the UEFA National League winner. The other leagues named B,C and D are playing to get promoted in upper league. Each group winner is promoted for upper league and each team took last place in his group is demoted in lower group. The tournament also give a chance for the national teams to competing and win one of the four spots for UEFA European Championship.

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