Football in Finland

Finland is one of the European countries where football is not most popular sport. Football takes second place right after the ice hokey, but also is very popular sport and have a lot of fans. First history evidence for playing football in Finland are from 1890 year. Nowadays football leagues system and national football team of Finland are governed by Football Association of Finland which is founded in 1907 year.

National football team of Finland have never participate in FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship. Their best achievement in international tournaments is second place in Baltic Cup in 2012 year.

Finnish football league system is built by a lot of hierarchical connected football divisions. Top three of them are:

  • Veikkausliiga – highest football division in Finland built by 12 clubs
  • Ykkönen – second highest football division – 10 clubs
  • Third football division in split in 3 groups each with 12 clubs named: Kakkonen Lohko A, Kakkonen Lohko B, Kakkonen Lohko C

Each year Football Association of Finland organize a big national football tournament named Finish Cup. This competition is created in 1955 year, and since then it`s open for all football clubs from first three football divisions in Finland. The winner also is automatically registered for UEFA Europa League.

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