Ligue 1

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This is the highest football division in France, built by 20 teams. Each team plays 38 matches during the season, 1 “home” and 1 “away” against every other team in the division. After each round clubs are ranked in seasonal table by points won, goal difference and goals scored. At the end of the season last two teams are demoted to lower division named Ligue 2 and first two clubs from Ligue 2 are promoted to Ligue 1. The club finished in 18th place in Ligue 1 play a play-offs with the club finished on 3rd place in Ligue 2 to determine which one club will take last spot in Ligue 1. Play-off is in two matches between the teams - home and away and the winner takes last spot in Ligue 1.

According UEFA coefficient, usually first three clubs in season table in Ligue 1 qualifies for the UEFA Champions League, the forth club qualifies for UEFA Europa League. Two more clubs are qualified for the UEFA Europa League and these are the winners of Coupe de France and Coupe de la Ligue. If any of the winners are already registered for any of UEFA tournament their place are taken from the next one in seasonal table (5th and/or 6th).

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