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Bundesliga is highest division in German federal league system and is crated from top 20 football clubs in the country. Each club plays 1 “home” and 1 “away” match against every other member of the Bundesliga for a total of 38 matches. The clubs are ranked in season table according to pints won, goal difference, goals scored and if there is still draw result, tie-breakers are head-to-head results, goals scored and away goals scored. First 3 teams from end-season table are qualified for UEFA Champions League group phase. The forth club from end-season table is registered for UEFA Champions League 3rd qualifying phase. 5th club is registered for UEFA Europa League group phase. The club ranked on 6th place is registered in third qualification round of UEFA Europa League. The last spot for UEFA Europa League is taken from the winner of the German Cup if this team is not alredy registered for any UEFA competition, in this case the spot is taken from next one in end-season Bundesliga table. The last and the second-last club from end-season table are demoted to 2.Bundesliga and their places are taken from 1st and 2nd clubs from 2.Bundesliga. 16th ranked club in Bundelsiga plays two play-off matches (1 “home” and 1 “away”) against the club ranked in 3rd place from 2.Bundesliga. The winner from this play-off is the one who will play in Bundesliga next season.

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