Football in Hungary

The Hungarian Football Federation was created in 1901 year. Since then the federation is governing football in Hungary, which is the most famous sport in the country. National football team of Hungary have more than one hundred years of history. In the first half of 20th century the team achieved it`s best performance in FIFA World Cup tournament, and they reached two times 2nd place in the earth biggest football tournament during 1938 and 1954. Hungary takes 16th place in FIFA all-time table. In the UEFA European Championship national team of Hungary took one 3rd and one 4th place.

The football league system in Hungary is represented by hierarchical football divisions. The top two of these divisions are named:

  • NB I with 12 clubs
  • NB II with 16 clubs

During the season Hungarian Football Federations organize two football tournaments named Hungarian Cup and Hungarian Super cup. In Hungarian Cup take participation all professional football clubs and some of amateur clubs. Hungarian Super Cup is a single match event between the champion of Hungary and winner of Hungarian Cup.

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