Football in Iceland

Football association of Iceland is the governing body of national football team of Iceland and is the organization which determine the football league system in the country. National football team of Iceland have qualified only twice for big football events. One time for FIFA World Cup during 2018 year, and reached group stage, and once for European Championship during 2016 year – reached quarter finals. Iceland`s football league system is built by hierarchically connected football leagues. Highest football league is Premier League – 12 clubs, the second one is First Division – 12 clubs and the third one is Second Division – also with 12 clubs.

During the year Football association of Iceland organize two big national football competitions. First one is Icelandic Men`s Football Cup – a knock out football competition, and the Icelandic Men`s Football Super Cup which is single match event between champion of Iceland and the winner of Icelandic Men`s Football Cup.

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