Football in Israel

Football in Israel have very complicate history. In the past history Israel was member of Asian Football Confederation, due to political reasons for many years Israel wasn’t presented from any football organization. Since 1994 year, Israel became member of UEFA and now compete in European tournaments organized by UEFA. As Israel Football Federation, National Football Team of Israel have complicate history too. The team participate in international football tournaments as member of Asian and European football associations. In FIFA World Cup tournament, Israel`s football national team participate once in 1970 and reached only group stage, and never been qualified for UEFA European Championship. Israel takes 64th place in FIFA all-times table.

Every year Israel Football Federation organize two tournament:

  • Israel State Cup
  • Israel Super Cup

Israel state cup is a knockout football tournament. In this tournament participate clubs from all divisions. Israel Super Cup is a single match event between Israel`s season champion and winner of Israel State cup.

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