Football in Netherlands

Football have more than 125 year history in Netherlands and is one of the most watched sport. The national football organization is named Royal Dutch Football Association and this is the organization which represents Netherlands in FIFA and UEFA meetings. Also organize and leads national team of Netherlands and each year organize KNVB Cup. National team of Netherlands played his first match in 1905 year. Best achievement of the national team is 3 times finished 2nd in FIFA World Cup. The team also reached 1 times 3rd and 4th place. They also are champions of Europe during 1988 and reached one time 3rd place in same tournament. Football league system in Netherlands is built by 2 professional football leagues named: Eredivisie – highest football league with 18 clubs, Erste Divisie – second highest football league with 20 clubs and one semi-professional football league - Tweede Divisie with 18 clubs. Netherlands takes 8th place in FIFA all-time table. Each year starts national football competition named KNVB Cup. In this competition participate all football clubs from first 3 leagues + 24 clubs from amateur clubs.