Football in Scotland

Scottish Football Association is created in 1873 year and is one of the oldest in the world. This organizations leads football leagues and Scotland national football team in the country. The national team of Scotland was one of the teams who played first international football match in the world ever. This was match between English national football team and Scottish national football team played in 1872 year. Although it`s long history the national team of Scotland don’t have any achievements in FIFA World Cup neither in UEFA European Championship. The team doesn`t ever passed group stage in both tournaments. Scotland takes 32nd place in FIFA all-time table.

Each year Scottish Football Association starts national football tournament named Scottish Cup, which is knock-out tournament, depending in his league positions each clubs enters in the tournament in different stages. The winner qualifies for UEFA Europe League.

Football league system in Scotland is formed by 4 divisions with total of forty two clubs. Highest one is Scottish Premiership with 12 clubs participating in it, second – Scottish Championship with 10 clubs, third is Scottish Division One same with 10 clubs and the last one is Scottish Division Two – 10 clubs.

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