Football in Slovakia

Till 1993 year, football in Slovakia was part of Czechoslovakian football, and after splitting of Czechoslovakia in two new countries is formed Slovakia Football Association. This association organize football league system in Slovakia and national team of Slovakia. National team of Slovakia in it`s present form is formed in 1993 year. The national team of Slovakia doesn`t take any high place in international football tournaments. Usually they didn`t qualify for FIFA World Cup neither for UEFA European Championship. Best achievement is one time reached round 16 in FIFA World Cup and one time in round 16 of UEFA European Championship.

Slovakian football system is built by Super Liga (also known as I.Liga), which is highest-division in Slovakia with 12 clubs, and II.Liga – second-highest division which is split in two groups II.Liga West and II.Liga East each with 12 clubs.

Each year starts national football tournament named Slovak Cup, a knock-out competition and the winner qualifies for UEFA Europa League.

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