Football in Spain

Football was played in Span from the end of the nineteenth century, and the first official match was played in 1890 year. This is the most watched and most popular sport in the country. Football leagues together with Spain national football team are ruled by Royal Spanish Football Federation.

The national football team of Spain is founded in 1920 year and since then have a lot of achievements in international football competitions. In FIFA World Cup have one title won during 2010th year and one 4th place in 1950 year. Also they won 3 times UEFA European Championship (1964, 2008, 20012) and one time finished second during 1984 year. Spain takes 7th place in FIFA all-time table.

Spanish football league system is built by several football divisions connected in hierarchically structure. Highest division is named LaLiga and have 20 clubs in it. Second is LaLiga 2 – this is second tier of Spanish football league system, contains 22 clubs. Third division is named Segunda Division B and is split in 4 groups (Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4), in each group participate 20 clubs. Last professional division is named Tercera Division split in regional groups.

Every year Royal Spanish Football Federation hosts 2 national football competitions. First one is Copa del Rey (Spanish Cup), which is founded in 1903 year. In this tournament participate most of the registered football clubs in Spain and the winner qualifies for UEFA Europa League. If the winner is already qualified for any UEFA tournament the clubs who qualifies is the club who takes highest position in end season table and is not qualified for any UEFA competition. The other event is Supercopa de Espana (Spanish Super Cup). This is a single match event between the winner of LaLiga and winner of Copa del Rey. If this is the same team winner of LaLiga plays against the 2nd one from Copa del Ray.

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