Football in United Arab Emirates

The governing body of the United Arab Emirates football is United arab Emirates Football Association. This institution also rules the national football team and determines the football league system in the country, where most popular sport is football. The football association is founded in 1971 year. In 1972 year national football team of United Arab Emirates is played their first football game. In FIFA World Cup the national team participate only once in 1990 year, and they didnt pass group stage. The national team have better performance in AFC Asian Cup where finished one time on 2nd place, one on 3rd and one on 4th place.

Football league system is built by UAE Football League - which is highest football league in the country and is built by 14 clubs. Second level of UAE football system is split in 2 groups named: Division 2 Group A and Division 2 Group B.

Every year the United arab Emirates Football Association organize national football competition named UAE Presidents Cup. The other big football event is UAE Super Cup, which is single match event between champion of United Arab Emirates and winner of Predident`s Cup.

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