Football in Uruguay

Football in Uruguay is most popular game, and the history records for first match played in Uruguay are from 1881 year. Uruguayan Football Association is the governing body of the football league system and national football team of Uruguay.

National football team of Uruguay is one of the most successful teams in Latin America. They won two times FIFA World Cup and 3 times finished on 4th place. Also the team won 15 times Copa America and 2 time won gold medals in summer Olympics. Uruguay takes 9th place in FIFA all-time table.

Uruguayan football league system is built by 3 football leagues, 2 of them professional and 1 amateur. From 2018 structure takes changes and till 2022 year the Segunda division will remain with 10 clubs in it. Football leagues are named:

  • Primera Division – highest football league – 16 clubs
  • Segunda Division – second-highest football league – 13 clubs in season 2019, and 1 clubs less each year till they reach 10 clubs in 2022 year.
  • Segunda Division Amateur
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