Football in USA

The football is also known in USA as soccer is the sport which grows very fast. For last 30 years was created Major League Soccer and the national football team of USA is becoming more and more competitive team. The national football team and football league system are governed by United States Soccer Federation. National football team of USA participate 9 time in FIFA World Cup, and their best achievement is third place in early 1930 year. Second best position they took is quarterfinals in 2002. The team also have 6 titles in CONCACAF Cup and 5 2nd places in same tournament.

In football league system in USA participate USA and Canadian football clubs. It is built by Major League Soccer – highest football division in USA, contains 21 USA clubs and 3 Canadian clubs, divided in two conference named Western and Estern. In Western Conference participate 11 USA clubs and 1 Canadian, while in Eastern Conference participate 10 USA clubs and 2 Canadian clubs.

The lower football division is USL Championship also with Western and Eastern conference for total of 36 clubs – 35 USA clubs and one Canadian.

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