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Home field advantage on football

5 Apr 2013 by Tihomir

football crowd

Almost in every sporting event there is an advantage to being able to play at home. Whatever combination it may be of the
support of the home crowds or the ability to sleep in your own bed or other similar factors.
However, in football the home team always has a noticeable advantage. I found that some systems add constant advantage to all football competitions. While adjusting prosoccer software, I decide to calculate HFA ( home field advantage) for every competition.

To calculate our HFA, we use this equation.

hfa equation

62.76 % of matches in Premiership end with home victory. To calculate HFA, we replace Ea with 0.6276. By solving equations  hfa=90.67 for this competition. World Football Elo Ratings uses 100.

To account for this we can give the home team’s a temporary boost of elo points. For two equally football teams this then raises the win expectancy for the home team with percent based on points we add. Points are calculated after every football round. While searching internet for similar system i found that Home Field Advantage drops every year. Our method is self adjustable about this.

hfa by competitions

Current Home Field Advantage can be found on competition page http://www.prosoccer.eu/competitions/