Football in England

England is the country with the oldest written evidence about football game. A lot of people counts that England is motherland of football game. In 1888 was created first professional football league, an English one, named English Football League in 2016. After a lot of efforts, best clubs from English Football League broke away and created Premier League, during 1992.

The football in England is one of the famous sports and it`s represented with English Premier League, which is built by 20 teams and English Football League. These twenty teams in English Premier League plays 2 times against each other, for a total of 38 matches per season. The English Football league is divided in three divisions – Championship, League One and League two. Each year top 3 teams from Championship are promoted to English Premier League and last 3 teams from English Premier League are demoted to Championship.

Each year starts a lot of cup competitions and the two major cups are FA Cup, which is the oldest football club tournament in the world, and it is open for more than 600 teams. The other one is EFL Cup which is the second one football competitions in England and it`s contested from all 92 teams – 20 from English Premier League and 72 from Championship, League One and League 2.

A lot of teams from England participate in UEFA Championship League and UEFA Europa League and they can vary from 7 to 9 depending on qualifications. Top 3 teams from English Premier League are qualified for UEFA Championship League. Club who finished 4th in English Premier League is qualified for Play-off Round for Non-champions. For UEFA Europa League is qualified any English team that wins the UEFA Europa League and has not already qualified for other UEFA competitions. Team who finished 5th in English Premier League and the winner of FA Cup are qualified for UEFA Europa League – Play Off Round.

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