Ligat ha'Al

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Ligat ha`Al is Israel`s highest football division, formed by 14 clubs. The championship is divided in two parts. At first part clubs play against each other in two matches (home and away) for total of 26 matches. Clubs are ranked in seasonal table according points won in these 26 matches. When the first part of championship ends, top 6 clubs are forming a play-off group and play once again 2 matches against each other to determine Israel champion. The champion is qualified for UEFA Champions League, teams from 2nd to 4th are qualified for UEFA Europa League. The other 8 teams from Ligat ha`Al, ranked from 7th to 14th are forming relegation group and play one match against each other for a total of 33 matches (26 from first part and 7 from relegation group). Last two teams in relegation group are demoted to lower division and their spots in Ligat ha`Al are taken from winner and 2nd one from lower football division.

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