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The Croatian Prva NHL is founded in 1992 year and it is built by 10 clubs. The clubs play 36 matches against each other during the season, 2 matches “home” and 2 matches “away”. The ranking is determined in table by points won, goal difference and goals scored. The winner of the season wins the right to participate in UEFA Champions League qualification rounds. 2nd in the table qualifies for UEFA Europa League third qualifying round. 3rd in final season table, qualifies for UEFA Europa League second qualifying round. 4th in the ranking, qualifies for UEFA Europa League first qualifying round. The last team in the ranking is relegated to lower division named Druga NHL (Croatian Second Football League) and it`s spot is taken from the winner of Croatian Seconf Football division. 9th in the ranking plays relegation play-offs with teams from lower division and the winner of the play offs enters in the Prva NHL.

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