League One

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English Football League One is the third highest division in English football. Since 2004 year is named League One, which was previously known as Football League Second Division. It is built up by 24 teams. Each team play two matches, “home” and “away” against every other team and are ranked in table according to points won, goal difference, goals scored and head to head result during the season. The winner and second one in the season table are automatically moved up in the higher league namely English Football League Championship. For the third team who will be promoted are playing play-off rounds between teams who are 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th in the season table. The winner in play-offs is moving up with other teams placed on 1st and 2nd place. Unlike to Premiership and Championship, in League One, last four teams are demoted to lower division namely English Football League Two.

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