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The top division from English Football League is Championship and right after English Premier League is one of most watched football competition in England. The major sponsor is Sky Sports and most of the matches can be watched live in Sky Sports television and online programs. English Football League Championship is built by 24 clubs and each club play 46 matches during the season. The structure of matches are one “home” and one “away” match against every other club from English Football League Championship. Clubs are ranked according to points won, goal difference, goals scored and if there is still draw result according to all these indicators, conclusive are matches played against each other during the season.

When the last match from season is ended top two clubs ranked in season table are automatically transferred in English Premier League. The next four teams (place 3rd to 6th) are playing play-offs. The play-off scheme is built up from 5 matches. Matches are “home” and “away” matches between 3rd and 6th (first group), and between 4th and 5th (second group). The winner from first and second group are playing one last match at Wembley stadium and the winner is the last team who will move to English Premier League. The last three clubs in the season table are automatically demoted to English Football League One which is the lower division in English football.

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